A video from Bruce Rauner

From Bruce Rauner:

Theres nothing like being out on the campaign trail meeting folks who inspire me as I run for governor as well as the people who are working hard for our campaign to bring back IL.

Our team put together a video that captures the energy of our tireless volunteers, and I had to share it with you it gets me fired up every time I watch it.


This campaign will only be as strong as our volunteers. People like you that are willing to lend their time and their talents to help us bring back Illinois.

We need you to help strengthen our field operation and expand our reach. ( http://admin.deliciousmail.com/t/r-l-nthjjlk-trltgktkj-t/ )

Are you ready to help shape the campaign in your community? ( http://admin.deliciousmail.com/t/r-l-nthjjlk-trltgktkj-i/ )

Click HERE to get involved. ( http://admin.deliciousmail.com/t/r-l-nthjjlk-trltgktkj-d/ )

And please shoot me a tweet or a message on Facebook if you are already helping us out or have ideas on how we can recruit more folks like you.

From the road!



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