Rauner plays moneyball, erases giving limits for all in governor race

Kirk Dillard does not like it:

“Bruce Rauner has shown he will stop at nothing to buy his way into office, but Republican voters will see through it. Rauner voted as a Democrat and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates like Dick Durbin, Mayor Daley and Mayor Emanuel,” said Dillard campaign manager Glenn Hodas.

“GOP voters can’t be bought. They want a governor who is tested and prepared, with the experience that money can’t buy.”

Waiting till now to pump up his campaign, however, Rauner provided time for big-bucks individual donors and others to give and sign on:

By waiting until now to take the caps off, Rauner was able to cripple efforts of his competitors to tap big-money donors who then ended up gravitating to Rauner. That includes Ron Gidwitz, who joined on Rauner’s campaign team, abandoning his previous support for Dillard.

The law says that once a candidate or family member gives $250,000, there’s no limit to donations.

Rauner has a nicely crafted message:

A TV ad to go public on Thursday blames incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and “career politicians” for “record spending, job losses, taxes and one of the worst run governments in America.” In the ad, the Winnetka millionaire champions himself as a businessman who can make due with an $18 wrist-watch.

Dillard’s riposte about being “tested and prepared” is opponents’ strongest argument, it seems, but TV ads tend to cover a multitude of contrary arguments, including good ones.


2 thoughts on “Rauner plays moneyball, erases giving limits for all in governor race

  1. The movers and shakers of the political spectrum have historically been able to buy their way in the statehouse and the Whitehouse. There are some high profile examples in my lifetime. The ‘Ice cream man’ couldn’t do it lets hope that the Republicans see through Rauner’s bankrolling efforts.

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