Kirk Dillard campaign losing major fundraiser

She is shifting to volunteer status. Why?

One source indicated there was general frustration by Dillard’s reluctance to make the number of fund-raising calls needed to survive in a four-way gubernatorial primary.

It’s a weakness for him:

At the close of the last quarter, Dillard reported $313,372 in overall contributions between his two political funds. He spent a combined $251,415 and had the least amount of any of the major candidates for governor left in the bank: $205,722.

Meanwhile, he came across confident in Bradley Saturday morning telling the Kankakee County Republican Women

that former governors Jim Edgar and Jim Thompson both identify him as the one candidate who will win for the Republicans. Dillard was Edgar’s Chief of Staff. He also worked as a legislative aide for Thompson.

“if you want to win,” Dillard said, “you need a suburbanite who has strong ties to downstate.” Dillard’s runningmate for lieutenant governor is Jill Tracy, a state representative from Quincy.

He disagreed, not by name, with opponent Bruce Rauner, who wants to establish term limits for Illinois.

The right way to remove Michael Madigan (the longtime Democratic Speaker of the House), he said, is for Republicans to govern effectively and to win elections.

Another difference between the two was that in this appearance, Dillard made no mention of public-sector unions, against whom Brauner has declared very strong opposition. Indeed, in September in one week he received three public-union donations totalling $157,800.


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