Illinois governor race a toss-up, says “lefty pollster”

Did we realize?

. . . the goofy lefty pollster that once had Barack Obama leading Rick Perry in Texas says Illinois governors race is winnable for the Republicans.

Illinois. One of the states that Barack Obama calls home.

From the goofy left pollster, PPP (Public Policy Polling):

Only 34% of voters approve of the job Quinn is doing to 60% who disapprove. That ties him for the third most unpopular Governor in the country. Thats actually an improvement for Quinn though- his numbers are up from a 25/64 approval spread a year ago at this time, which had made him the most unpopular Governor anywhere. Hes seen a little bit of improvement with Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike.


In match ups with his potential GOP foes Quinn leads Bruce Rauner 41/38, trails Dan Rutherford 41/39, and ties both Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard at 41% and 39% respectively. Quinn trails by 4-7 points with independents and loses 13-15% of the Democratic vote in each of the match ups.

Somehow, I do believe we sensed this, did we not?


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