Oak Park GOP needs Election Judges in 2014

From Linda Tibensky, Republican Committeeman:

You can really help the Republican Party and earn some $$ too by serving as an election judge in March and November 2014. The Oak Park GOP needs you!

You must apply on-line at www.cookcountyclerk.com/elections Then go to Election Judge Information and Apply on-line now. There is one on-line training and one training in person in addition to serving on election day. Total payment: $170.

Here is a link:


If you apply, please let me know so I can place you in your precinct or a precinct near you. We have made progress in the past 4 years but we still have a few precincts which need a Republican election judge. If you are in those precincts, you may have noticed election judges who do not want to wear their Republican badges or turn them around. I have even eliminated some judges who were outright rude to us when we asked about their badges.

If you do not have the time to be an election judge, I can assign you as a pollwatcher (unpaid position) so at least we have one Republican in each precinct to view the voting procedures. I have not received any complaints of questionable activities in Oak Park. We would like our presence to be known and we would like the community to know that we care. This year we especially wish to target the senior living faciliities in our area.

Thank you for your support,

LInda Tibensky

Republican Committeeman


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