Bruce Rauner on Pension Vote

For Immediate Release
December 3, 2013
Contact: Mike Schrimpf
(312) 720-1111

Bruce Rauner Statement on Pension Vote: [boldface and bracketed material added]

Springfield politicians today voted to slap a small bandage on an open wound. [Wall St. Journal quoted this]

While it may help them temporarily feel better, it does little to fix the real problems facing Illinois.

The pension system remains broken and badly underfunded. State spending has never been higher, or less productive.

Another tax hike is looming around the corner. State government is in desperate need of reform. Our economy continues to suffer, and far too many Illinoisans remain out of work.

The fact is after decades of career politicians running things in Springfield, expectations of what Illinois can accomplish are far too low. We can and must do better. I’ll shake things up in Springfield and deliver results that will truly bring back Illinois.


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