Harmon-Lilly-Ford miss the 100% mark

Congratulations and season’s best wishes to Oak Park’s dynamic trio of Democrat legislators — D. Harmon, C. Lilly, and L. Ford — for their 88% rating by the Springfield-based green-lobbying Illinois Environmental Council.

Not bad, but what they did they do or not do that the 23 other state-legislature Democrats did to merit the 100% rating, and what are Oak Park’s progressive Democrats going to do about this 12% gap?


2 thoughts on “Harmon-Lilly-Ford miss the 100% mark

  1. What they did was promote a Marxist green natural economy. This can be done in multiple ways. Subversion has many areas. 1 law enforcement 2 Labor relations 3 education 3 religion and more…so if they vote for same sex attraction marriage, vote to give grants to wind farming, and defend fake climate science that can earn them points. Promoting Common Core State Standards and calling for gun control will put them in the greenest zone. In Illinois the Republicans are surprisingly ignorant of the process required for a communist revolution. This might be why we are experiencing it now. Or are they in on it?

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