“Impeach Obama” at Home Ave. bridge

Later: Reader Mary Kay wonders about the Illinois Militia tag — they seem farther right than I, but I am not sure.

They apparently train for combat, which I don’t, and they do not rule out forceful resistance vs. overreaching government activity, which I have shrunk from considering or entertaining, nor have felt the need to do so.

But they espouse solid principles which I wholly endorse, and who else is making an issue of the execrable exercise of personal power by Obama, for whom I have no respect? There we go.

Here is their neatly stated self-description from their rather well-executed Facebook site:

We are not conspiracy theorists! Here are our thoughts on that: 1) If you don’t believe in any conspiracies you have issues and 2) If you believe everything is a conspiracy you have issues. Don’t push conspiracy theory beliefs too strongly on our page or you will be blocked.

We are not:
1) anti government
2) racist
3) violent
4) sexist
5) plotting
We are:
1) pro constitutional government
2) judgmental of character, not color
3) peaceful until there’s no reasonable choice
4) accepting of men or women
5) training to be ready and to react with extremely minimal time and with extreme force and proficiency through extensive training for all scenarios.
#5 under “We are” is the only item to give pause to most people, say I.

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