Illinois Review has it:

Pro-union groups such as Republican Fund for Progress & Jobs, the Fund forProsperity & Jobs, the Illinois Freedom PAC and the Democrat Governors Association are raising money, running ads, and preparing to put boots on the ground – all to try and stop Bruce Rauner from winning the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

For teachers and public sector unions, stopping Rauner in the primary would prevent them having to spend possibly historic amounts of money on the November General Election.

Insiders tell Illinois Review it would also allow the unions to teach Gov. Quinn and House Speaker Madigan a lesson after they passed and signed a pension reform bill over the objections of the unions.

If state Sen. Kirk Dillard wins the GOP nomination, the teachers unions and AFSCME (which have endorsed Dillard) will, we are told, sit out the General Election and let the chips fall where they may.

Supposedly the union polling shows the race between Rauner and Dillard “within a few points.”

How truthful those reports are is debatable. But there are indications there may be some truth to it.

Meanwhile the anti-Rauner groups continue to raise money. The Republican Fund for Progress & Jobs recently raised another $485,000 from four union-affiliated groups: the Prosperity and Jobs Fund, Chicago Federation of Labor, the Illinois Education Association and the Operating Engineers Local 150.

The strange bedfellows bit applies, apparently. But the report strengthens the hand of the Rauner people, who can argue that if unions take him seriously, so should the fiscal conservative and the voter who in any case has an idea of how bad things are for Illinois.


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