For 2016 Hopefuls, Washington Experience Could Do More Harm than Good

Military Service Top Positive, Atheism Top Negative for Potential Candidates, says Pew report.

As Paul Schimpf, 21 years a Marine, 13 of them as a JAG lawyer handling matters of family law and consumer protection law for service members, heading prosecution of and sometimes himself litigating drug, sexual assault, and attempted murder cases, and leading American attorneys advising Iraqi prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein.

He’s going for Attorney General in Illinois, opposing three-termer Lisa Madigan, daughter of House Speaker Michael Madigan, the state’s most powerful official. Chicago Tribune’s John Kass has referred to Illinois as “Madiganistan.”

Madigan was a last name to conjure with in 2002 when his daughter Lisa ran for AG the first time, not so much these days, when the Madigan name stands more than any other for Illinois’ huge fiscal troubles.

Schimpf makes a strong opponent.


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