Chris Cleveland tells it true?

43rd Ward Committeeman who challenged Aaron Del Mar for GOP county chairman reacts to claim that county GOP’s fielding no candidates was a plan to thwart Dems:

“Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Party, and they’ve urged us to lay down and keep quiet. This is offensive beyond belief,” Cleveland said. “Any Republican who thinks we shouldn’t put Republicans on the ballot is either working for the Democrats, or has a basic misunderstanding of how electoral politics work.”

Oh, and if it had been a plan, why did Del Mar have people trying to get signatures for three presumed candidates right up to the last minute? Was he fooled too?

Meanwhile, Cleveland and his troops plow ahead with sophisticated Rauner campaign tactics session this Saturday:

Hint: it involves some very cool technology.

Saturday, June 14
8:30 am coffee and doughnuts
9:00 am presentation
2768 N Lincoln Ave

Later, stick around for training in this technology. Bring your smart phone.

If you plan to volunteer to help any campaigns this year, it’s very important to attend. We’d like everyone to get trained as soon as possible so we can hit the streets.

Space is limited, # of trainers depend on expected attendance. So RSVP here.


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