Cook County Republicans’ no-candidate performance explained: Move on, nothing to see here

Palos Township Committeeman Sean Morrison In Illinois Review:

“Actually the Cook County Republican Committee, the ‘CCRC,’ did in fact call for a special slating meeting to take place as soon as possible immediately following the primary, through Cook County GOP Chairman Aaron Delmar’s call for a special session,” Morrison said in an email.

That meeting went  well, did it?

“The CCRC had been working for quite some time to recruit candidates for every open countywide ballot position [Morrison continued]. Many candidates were vetted, several candidates that passed the vetting were presented to those Cook County Republican Committee members present at the slating meeting,” Morrison said. “In the end, three were slated for the countywide offices indicated. They did, however, fail to establish enough petition signatures as required by law.”

Yet Chicago did it, where Repubs are outnumbered. The county Repubs should look thataway for advice?

Morrison said the failure to have GOP candidates on Cook County’s office ballot was a combination of candidates failing to do what they said they’d do and a organizational consensus to just leave the slate blank.

Pass the buck, please,  I don’t want it.

Organizational consensus? Who, what, when,. where? Please.

Morrison says that during the slating meeting, there was open discussion among committeemen regarding whether it was fair and open enough to slate candidates. At the end of the “spirited debate,” a vote was taken and the CCRC voted to slate, allowing them to all three run on the same petition.

Newly elected county chairman Del Mar ran that meeting. Spirited debate, eh? How spirited?

Meanwhile, back in Beverly, Parilli contributes regularly to Dems. And to the controversy-haunted Del Mar:

While writing a check to Cook County GOP Chairman Aaron DelMar’s personal campaign account, Parrilli has not written a check to the Cook County GOP or any other GOP ward or township committee:

Check this Ill. Review page for foto records of Parilli’s giving to Dems — and to Del Mar and to county commissioner Liz Gorman, who a commenter says sponsors Morrison.

The Chicagoan who led the GOP recruiting and slating says a pox on both houses, Morrison’s and Parilli’s:

“According to my recollection, the candidates weren’t asked any such thing,” Chicago GOP vice chairman Chris Cleveland told Illinois Review


“I repeat,” Cleveland said, “Any Republican who says we shouldn’t run candidates is either working for the Democrats or doesn’t understand electoral politics.”

Will Rogers did not belong to an organized political party, he was a Democrat. Try Republican for that. Trouble is, some Repubs seem too well organized in the wrong direction.


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