We have a horse race for attorney general . . .

From AG candidate Paul Schimpf in an email pitch this morning:

We have gotten to this point [ leading Lisa Madigan downstate and statistically tied in the collar counties.  Overall, only down 16 points, with four and a half months left in the race. ] because of the undeniable truth of our message:  Illinois desperately needs an Attorney General who is not beholden to the political insiders. 

We need an Attorney General who will defend our constitutional rights and freedoms; protect our medical and financial privacy under the Obamacare trainwreck; and prioritize anti-corruption efforts.  In short, we need a prosecutor, not a career politician.

Achievement so far, coming from nowhere:

we:  1) started this process with no name identification whatsoever, 2) have spent negligible amounts of money, and 3) have only now started getting our message out; the conclusion is clear.  This is a winnable race.


Give a little (or a lot) to move this thing along . . .


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