Right to Work laws no way to save right to work, says libertarian

Blithe Spirit

Nice point made by free-market-oriented Mises Institute blogger, on his way to disapproving Right to Work legislation:

Right-to-work laws are attractive to some because they help undercut the monopoly powers granted to labor unions by government.

They also appeal to the more pragmatic minded because of the distinct improvements in economic growth.

A recent study by the National Institute of Labor Relations Research found that, over a ten year period, states with right-to-work laws experience significant growth in manufacturing output and GDP compared to non-right-to-work states.

This is, of course, the result we would expect from diminishing the power of government-created monopolies such as those granted to labor unions.

But it’s using government to thwart government, and therefore objectionable:

As Murray Rothbard writes in The Case for Radical Idealism, “the libertarian must never allow himself to be trapped into any sort of proposal for ‘positive’ governmental action; in…

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