A Marine not a Madigan for Attorney General

Blithe Spirit

Paul Schimpf, GOP Candidate against Lisa Madigan, in Crystal Lake:

  1. “It’s between me and Lisa Madigan.”  On an ideological scale where Michael Moore is a one and Rush Limbaugh a 10, Schimpf said he would be “about a 7.”  “I’m a lot closer to the center than Lisa is.”  He pointed to a U.S. Supreme Court decision on which Madigan filed a brief that was decided 9-0 for the other side.  That meant liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg even disagreed with Madigan.
  2. The “kind of Attorney General’s Office we’re going to have.” Now, Schimpf said the office is on the “ABC Plan–Anything But Corruption.” Lisa Madigan concentrates on consumer protection, her opponent says. “Fighting corruption will be my number one priority.” He said the Attorney General’s Office for the last twelve years has been “just another cog in the governmental machine.”
  3. “A referendum on the political system and…

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