GOP AG candidate calls on Madigan to recuse herself from NRI investigation – Illinois Review

Paul Schimpf in press conference:”Ms. Madigan’s inability to understand that there is a conflict of interest in this situation calls into question her competence to serve as Attorney General for the State of Illinois.”

“Her belief is contrary to the fundamentals of practicing law as defined by the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.7 on Conflicts of Interest. Ms. Madigan, as Attorney General, was in a position to provide oversight on this program and failed to do so – a fact not in dispute. She is a material witness in the investigation of the failed Neighborhood Recovery Initiative and needs to recuse herself as soon as possible in this matter.”

We know about her conflicts. Gov. Quinn’s slush fund, also known as Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, is at issue. She’s the speaker’s daughter, doesn’t prosecute Dems.

We should know more about her incompetence, called “embarrassing” by Instapundit/U. Tenn. law prof Glenn Reynolds and U. Wisc. law prof/blogger Ann Althouse in re: Madigan’s woefully inadequate brief before the Ill. Supreme Court in December, 2008, when she was trying to get rid of the party’s black sheep/embarrassment Gov. Blagojevich.

Her oral argument in the case was no better, Althouse demonstrated, citing her failure to understand questions put to her by a judge. Weak sister, this Lisa, and Paul Schimpf is calling attention to the fact in this latest case.


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