Chicago Tribune editorial done by intern?

Blithe Spirit

In Saturday’s editorial, “Obama, the court and the border,” Chi Trib has this at the end about what’s clear to the writer:(Italics added)

. . .  a couple of things. . . . One is that under a sensible, humane immigration policy, the people Obama would allow to stay would be allowed to stay.

Another is that this [Obama’s countermanding Congress, or not] questionable executive action could have been prevented if Speaker John Boehner had allowed the House to vote on a comprehensive immigration bill that passed the Senate in 2012 with bipartisan support.

Obama may have overstepped his powers, but he acted on the legitimate belief that our immigration policy was broken. It still is. The courts may not fix it. Congress and the president can and should.

What? The president believes in something and therefore is justified in overstepping his powers?

And anyhow, it’s the speaker’s…

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